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Violet anklet/armlet bracelet


Violet is the ultimate anklet! Minimalist and statement jewelry. It is made to fit perfectly on you.


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There is always a small stock of our products but mainly they are made to order. So, we try our best to ship all orders within 2-3 working days but please allow us up to 7 days for shipment.

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Violet is the ultimate bracelet from your anklet or your arm! Handmade from 2.5mm silver wire with a granula on one side and beautiful hammered details on the other! Minimalist and statement jewelry. It is made to fit perfectly on you.


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925 silver


13,5 gr

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Bracelet size guide

How to measure your bracelet size

  • Measure the inside diameter of a bangle / bracelet you already have.



  • Loosely close your fist, and measure from the center of the first knuckle to the center of the last knuckle. That measurement is equal to the diameter of your bangle size.



Please do not hesitate to contact me for any help needed when measuring your size or in case you need a custom size.

Bracelet size chart:

Inside diameter Circumference Size
6 cm 18,5 cm Small
6,5 cm 19 cm Medium
7 cm 19,5 cm Large

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