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    My name is Sofia Pitropaki and I am the designer and maker of Freyja Jewelry. This brand was born in 2020 from my need of doing something I truly love and enjoy. All the creative magic of making a jewelry, is taking place at my workshop in Athens, Greece.

            Freyja is a Scandinavian goddess, similar to ancient greek goddess Venus. In ancient norwegian lanquage, Freyja means lady, female leader and her symbol is an amber necklace. Thinking her as a person, I see her as a woman proud of every feminity. Beautiful in all her flows. She would stand out without being intimidating with unique aesthetic and elegance. She would be contemporary but giving value to the roots. She would love the earth, the world, the movement and the co-existance with other people. She would always find her center in the nature. And this is how I also see my jewelry.

            My main goal is to create jewelry that will become inseparable from their owner and last through time. Each piece is made to represent its wearer and shine with her/him in all the moments of the every day life. That’s why I draw inspiration mainly from people and their style.

            The materials I use are 925 silver metal, semi precious and natural stones. The jewelry lines are minimal, simple, clear and strong. A combination of different silver wires together with silver bars, the use of granules and the oxidation of the metal contribute to the elegance and dynamic character of every piece of Freyja Jewelry.

           Join me in Freyja’s jewelry journey!

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